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Car rental

Many people directly associate the name of Dubai with expensive and exclusive car brands. We are ready to provide you with the best luxury car brands for rent on simple and affordable terms.

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There is a reason why the city of Dubai is associated with expensive and beautiful cars. It is quite possible that the local population's love for premium cars has its origins in ancient times. The people of Dubai used to brag to each other about their thoroughbred stallions, which were gradually replaced by sports cars and muscle cars. But why not join the local colour and treat yourself to a trip in a premium car? When you decide to buy a tour to Dubai, ask us for help and we'll help you with a car rental to your individual taste!

A tasteful lineup

At the moment we offer a wide range of different luxury cars for all tastes. Among the available categories you will be able to choose a brand to your liking and enjoy a comfortable ride on the roads of the most beautiful city in the world. At the moment the fleet is represented by the following types of cars:

  1. Four-wheel drive luxury cars. Daring character of Maserati Levante S, visual brutality of Mercedes G63, incredible dynamics of Range Rover Sport SVR - all this is more available than ever!
  2. Classic luxury cars. The "presidential" models from BMW, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Bentley perfectly fit the mood of the largest city of the Arab emirate and make you feel on top of the world.
  3. Luxury sports cars. Do you like to drive with a breeze? Ferrari Spider 488, Lamborghini Aventador, Mclaren 650s Spider or Lamborghini Urus are perfect for that! The most important thing is not to break the rules.
  4. Mid-range sports cars. The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are true muscle car classics that you can try out. Both cars are available for rent with Premium Dubai.
  5. Exclusive offer. The Polaris Slingshot is a trike that is a hybrid of a motorcycle and a car. Do you like to collect rapturous looks behind you? Then the famous "slingshot" is perfect for your ride!

If you are planning a tour, take care in advance to rent a car in Dubai. The quality of local roads and low fuel prices will please every driver. The only thing you need to take care of in advance to gather the necessary package of documents.

What will it take to rent?

Deciding to buy a tour to Dubai, take care to learn the local rules for renting a car:

  1. You will need an international driver's license. It is attached to the standard national license. Renting a car in Dubai with a Russian license is possible, but excludes full insurance.
  2. Get a personal bank card, from which the fees and deposit will be paid.
  3. The foreign passport is used as the main identity document.

The minimum age requirement for drivers is 21 years old. An additional requirement is a minimum of one year of driving experience.


Driving a car in the UAE will impress even the most experienced drivers. The local beauty, the warm wind in your face and the warm sun shining through the giant skyscrapers will leave a lasting impression on your heart. Ask Premium Car Rental Dubai executives for more information on car rental rates. They will be pleased to inform you of the models available, tell you about the places where you can experience the speed of the car, and tell you the parts of the highways where you need to be more vigilant.

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