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Dubai Safari Park

Safari Park is a whole complex, where all conditions are created for living and watching more than 2500 species of exotic animals and plants. The park has three different areas: Arabian, African and Asian. Here you can see the rare inhabitants of deserts, savannahs, jungles, foothills and mountains, with some of them you can even get acquainted with: for this purpose there is a contact area in the park where you can stroke and feed the animals. For the convenience of guests, the park uses appropriate transportation.
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"Premium Dubai" invites you to experience exotic plants and animals in Dubai on a safari excursion, the price of which never compares with the experienced emotions. We organize a trip to Dubai Safari Park, an incredible complex where flora and fauna of Asia, Africa and the UAE are represented. More than three thousand animals are waiting for you, which you can both look at and stroke, comfortable transportation and a sea of unforgettable impressions!

Safari Park in Dubai: Unbelievable Nearby

Forget about animals in cages - the fifty-year-old Dubai Zoo has been replaced by a new kind of park, eco-friendly and super modern. Watching fauna in its natural environment is much more interesting and exciting! Opened in 2017, Dubai Safari Park invites you to visit three areas:

  1. Asian,
  2. Arab
  3. African.

A large-scale renovation that took place in 2020 made the place even more appealing. The eco-park occupies 119 hectares and allows you to see lions, antelopes, giraffes, rhinoceroses, and other interesting animals and birds in the wild. There are comfortable living conditions for all species. Pictures of safari in Dubai will delight you for a long time and cause admiration of relatives and friends.

Rare inhabitants of savannah, dense jungle or sand dunes, mountains and foothills will appear before you in all their glory. There is Dubai's largest collection of reptiles, a black Asian bear, the rarest white lion and the UAE's only reptile: the Komodo dragon. Hippos can be seen both on land and underwater! If you want to get even more of an experience on a safari tour in Dubai, visit the contact area where you can feed and examine kangaroos and ponies, parrots and rabbits and goats.

Luxury vacations with Premium Dubai Travel Concierge Service

Call us and we'll tell you everything you want to know about a Dubai safari tour and arrange an unforgettable trip: you won't have to worry about transfers or any other worries. We'll take care of all the trouble - you'll enjoy an exciting time.

Ask our managers about the cost of safari in Dubai. We will take into account all your wishes, so you get the maximum pleasant experience!

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