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Important rules of conduct in the UAE

Important rules of conduct in the UAE
"Hasan al-diyafa" (hospitality) is an integral part of Bedouin culture, which has been shaped by life in the desert. Many also believe that the tradition of welcoming guests is closely related to local religious beliefs. This custom has been preserved in Dubai to this day.
"Marhaba": Arabic greeting uttered upon entering a house.
"Salaam aleikum": means "peace be upon you. The traditional response is "valaikum salaam.
"Gahwa": guests are often treated to Arabic coffee before eating. Remember to pass the empty cup with the right hand.

Modesty: Going to visit a local? Wear loose, long clothing. Shoes are usually left on the doorstep.

Meeting: In the UAE, many local men touch each other's noses or kiss each other on the cheek upon meeting. It would be inappropriate for a tourist to follow this tradition.

Visiting: Many homes have a living room where guests are welcomed or celebrations are held. Here it is customary to sit on cushions and low couches, a tribute to a tradition that has survived since the days of living in tents.

Hand and foot gestures: Men usually shake hands with everyone present, but be aware that women may refuse to shake hands. When seated, do not turn your feet towards others present as this may be considered an insulting posture.

Dinner: In the evening, food is usually served on a large round tray. Be prepared to grab it with your hands!

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