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Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterword is an aqua park located on the artificial island of Yas in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The aqua amusement park spreads over a huge area of 15 hectares!

The design of the park is made in a traditional oriental style. The whole concept of the building is based on the legend of a girl Dana trying to find a lost pearl, which brings luck and happiness to the residents of her native village. Dana goes through a lot of trials, meets fabulous animals, finds herself in a quiet oasis and, in the end, finds the very same huge pearl that adorns one of the towers.

There are 40 dizzying rides in the aqua park that will give you an incredible thrill! 5 of these rides have NO ONE else in the world!

The rides we suggest you visit:

Dawwama - a wide funnel-shaped tube that sucks you into a blind tunnel.
Hamlool's Humps and Jebel Drop - a slide that simulates a freefall from a dizzying height.
Tornado, a water slide for eight riders that reaches almost 250m in length.
Liwa Loop - where you'll be locked in a special capsule, the bottom of which is suddenly opened, and you'll fly down a long funnel.

In addition, the water park Yas Waterworld has two rivers - the quiet, lazy and rough with a full set of dangerous rapids.

Some of the more unusual activities include a fascinating dive for pearls.

Fans of surfing can conquer a three-meter wave on a unique simulator.

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